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Hello everyone! This site will be the first learning platform specially designed for all people who want to play the chromatic harp  6/6 (cross-strung harfe), where you can increase your musical knowledge through many levels, and learning with materials audio video, with tabs, fingerings for the development of the technique , transcriptions for chromatic harp, concepts for improvisation, and other surprises. Now the site is under construction, but first of all this platform wants to create a daily life among all the Chromatic Harpists  6/6 in the world solidifying the network of contacts and resources already present, developing and expanding them.

Why new way to harping begin….? Because it will show , the way to play the chromatic harp 6/6, a new technique to enharmonize fastly on pedal harp and it will be introduced  curiosity about history of performance practice extemporaneous. Didactic articles are produced by research  of Vanessa D’Aversa collected in the university thesis, “Jazz Harp, chromatic and pedal Harp, comparison – History of performance practice extemporaneous, of the arrangement techniques and improvisation”.

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