Technical study fingering on the chromatic harp 6/6 lesson 3

Study of the intervals from the second to the eighth

Bichord to distance of semitone

exercises begin with intervals with two notes played together (Bichords) is an exercise for preparation of the scales and the chords. Into four groups:

first group – 2M, 3M, Tritone 4+, 5+ or 6m

second group -3m, 4g, 5g, 6M, 7M (minor second was addressed in the lesson of the chromatic scale, you will find the link below)

in the third group – 6M, 7m and Fourth group 7M and 8 (there are the first elements of an inch below that will deepen in the next lessons of the chords, where is the preferred but not exclusive)

They will face the bichords with various combinations of fingerings.

I propose these fingerings, not because they are the only ones with which you can play these ranges, but for the following reasons: – for a first in-depth understanding of the ranges on the tailpiece and about the songs that you read and play

– these fingerings will be combined only with other exercises are cognitive. You have to practice them first for 5 min and increased, we will practice these ranges and other fingerings in the special exercises after the study of harmonic chords and scales.

exercises have all the tables on the fingerings, the first group I wrote on the examples how to use them, in others you will have to keep in mind the numbers without reading too.



bicordi cromatici 2Mbicordi cromatici 3Mbicordi cromatici 4+bicordi cromatici 5+tab I groupbicordi cromatici 3mbicordi cromatici 4 Gbicordi cromatici 5G


finger tab II groupbicordi cromatici 6Mbicordi cromatici 7mbicordi cromatici 7Mbicordi cromatici 8Gfinger tabs III IV groupTabella Riassuntiva


for those who want to have all the fingerings and photos of hand positions you will have to wait until the end of the module, where there will be a surprise for those interested in deepen the study with ChromHarp66 !!

Consider the advice of the exercises of the chromatic scale