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agosto 2016

B.C.E.P. Triads Minor

Introduction Block Chords Essential Position

Block Chords Essential Position triads Minor

First Contact

“First Contact” è corso introduttivo sull’Arpa Cromatica 6/6 (Cross Strung Harfe 6/6) Chromatic Harp 6/6 organizzato dal C.H.I.S., che consiste in due moduli:

“First Contact” is introduction course on the harp Chromatic 6/6 (Cross Strung Harp 6/6) Chromatic Harp 6/6, organized by C.H.I.S., which consists of two modules:

I modulo di 2 ore sull’introduzione delle principali tecniche basi sugli intervalli, scala maggiore e triadi, partendo dai metodi didattici sviluppati dalla M° d’Arpa Cromatica 6/6 Vanessa D’Aversa , che è possibile consultare nella pagina Didactic Articles.

First module, 2 hours on the introduction of the main technical bases of intervals, triads and major scale, starting from the teaching methods developed by the Teacher of Harp Chromatic 6/6 Vanessa D’Aversa, which you can see in the Didactic Articles page.

II modulo di 2 ore sulla presentazione delle possibilità di repertori nei quali lo strumento può essere utilizzato (celtico, classico, jazz ecc.)

Second module, 2-hour presentation on the possibilities of repertoires in which the instrument can be used (Celtic, classical, jazz etc.)

Per informazioni e prenotazione corso clicca la pagina Contact.

For information and reservations click over the Contact page.

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Introduction Block Chords Essential Position

Block Chords Essential Position Major Triads

Block Chords Essential Positions

In the study of chromatic harp 6/6 at the beginning, especially if you come from a study of a harp to one tailpiece (pedal, Celtic, old etc), you need a reprogramming of their movements through manual tactile and memorization of new positions, and solidify the efficacy and safety in the movement of the fingers with two separate studies and approaches.

These positions are used:
– To associate a motion or shape of the hand to a conglomeration of sounds
– Learn the basics of technique both classical and jazz
– Harmony Studio
– Advanced study of intervals, before continuing to go on didactic articles links:

Whole tone scale, Chromatic scale, Study of intervals 

Use tables:
C all the strings of the whole-tone scale corresponding
1 lay your hands without pulling the strings but only to familiarize the display and the shape of the hand for whole-tone order C-D-E-F # ETC.
2 store a position at a time and switch between them chromatically c – C # – # D D eccc
3 Play in block, all strings together, to be alone during the touch, never leave the weight of arms on the strings, because you have to train the muscles and tendons to flexibility and lightness.
3 To Move your fingers with others exercises that will be published.

For harpists come from instruments to a single tailpiece, the technical impact may seem complicated, because you’re used to being up to the palm in an angle and during the movement of the fingers will notice that they have saved for years certain stimuli and there They take at least 6 months minimum of technique only with the chromatic harp to really start to enjoy its use. The harmonic impact is very exciting, so you will not regret this so technical -teorico period, it will be a richness. Do not be discouraged after these months you will have a more conscious mastery of the possibilities and the chromatic harp  6/6 beauty.

It should always be followed by a teacher of chromatic harp 6/6 or come to C.H.I.S., First Contact, contact for a lesson to understand better the details of tables on this site, to prevent incorrect movements, being that the movements of this instrument are all concentrated on the hands you have to start slowly.

Follow the links of B.C.E.P. Block Chords Essential Positions
during the weeks will be colored blue the following topics:
Triads: Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented
Quatriadi: Major 7, Minor 7, Dominant 7,  Semi Diminished 7, Diminished 7

times study 5 minutes, 10, 15, 20, 30 with 2, 5 or 10 of pause. Increase the time gradually, Begin slowly and good study!

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