F.E.P.A. Technique – Fast EnHarmony for Pedal Harp

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F.E.P.A. Technique

Fast EnHarmony for Pedal Harp

For all pedal Harpist, composers and arrangers!

by Vanessa D’Aversa


F.E.P.A. technique (Fast Enharmony for Pedal hArp) is a book of Technique to the fast enharmony for pedal harp, born from the application and knowledge developed first as a student and then as a teacher in making more usable, all the possibilities, secrets and difficulty, of the pedal board, for all the genres played on the pedal harp.

This book was written mainly for all harpists (professionals and not) that want to keep a conscious manual of harmony on their instrument, transcribe, compose songs or improvise but also useful for composers and arrangers, who want to know in depth the pedal board. On the subject, it has never been developed, a clear method for harpists to orient them in various genres and levels in developing the use of the pedal board to en-harmonize extemporaneously.

There are few theoretical treatises on enharmony, impracticable even for classical composers and even more there are no texts on applied harmony used in the teaching of harpists to resolve overlaps of alterations extemporaneously.

It is very important to propose to students, harpists, composers and arrangers, a practical and systematic discipline at increasing levels of interest that explore all the harmonic possibilities of pedal harp with tips for immediate use from traditional languages (classic-contemporary) up to to face a first in-depth knowledge of the harmonies used in modern genres (pop-rock-jazz).



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