Chromatic Harp International Italian SCHOOL  is a new didactic project!

We’re organizing some didactic seminars around the world about the didactic evolution of chromatic linear and harmonic music for overall the harmonic section ( lever and pedal harp and chromatic harp 6/6), and in general the technique of improvisation for musicians . If you are interested to help us in this mission, You’re welcome!

Course  “First Contact”

Methode for Chromatic Harp 6/6


Seminary “Harp Stories/Storie d’Arpa”

Flexible Technique ” New Way to Harping”

Corsi d’improvvisazione jazz

Jazz improvisation courses
for Jazz Harp/ Arpa Jazz

Seminary F.E.P.A.

for pedal harpists, composers and arrangers

Seminary F.E.L.A.

for lever harpists, composers and arrangers

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