CH.I.S. CHROM International SCHOOL


CHROM International SCHOOL  is a new didactic project!

We’re organizing some didactic seminars around the world about the didactic evolution of chromatic linear and harmonic music for overall the harmonic section (piano, pedal harp and chromatic harp 6/6), and in general the technique of improvisation for musicians . If you are interested to help us in this mission, You’re welcome!
All days excluse Sat -Sun
Lunch: 11am – 2pm
Dinner: 4pm- 7pm
Corso introduttivo “First Contact”
Corsi base di tecnica
Corsi avanzati d’interpretazione classica
Corsi d’improvvisazione jazz
Seminario F.E.P.A. per Arpa Jazz
Fast En-harmony for Pedal Harp

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