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Why new way to harping begin….?

Because  after more articles, and books published, we’re organize didactic activities to expand this knowledge: new flexible methodes to develope own traditional harp technique,  an official methode to play the chromatic harp 6/6,  new techniques to enharmonize fastly on pedal or lever harp for harpists, composers and arrangers.  It will be introduced  curiosity about history of performance practice extemporaneous that it has become a wonderful seminar on the history of the harp in improvisation.

To discover all this informations visit the page

CH.I.I.S. Chromatic Harp Italian  International School!



So this site was a space with many articles like as the first learning of news approach of study specially designed for all people who want to play the harp finding all aspects of chromatism on many kind of  harps, specially for lever and pedal harp and chromatic harp  6/6 (cross-strung harfe), where you can increase your musical knowledge through many levels, and learning with materials audio video, with tabs, fingerings for the development of the technique , transcriptions for chromatic harp, concepts for improvisation, and other surprises.

All Didactic articles produced by research  of Vanessa D’Aversa, 10.000 visitors from 100 Nations, they will be published in series of didactic books for all harpists, musicians, composers and arrangers interested. You will find the items that interest you and that you’ve read in this site, or the exercises for your studies.

All this informations has been divided into two forms:

  • published books see page Didactic Books
  • multimedia materials that will be uploaded for each book on the Learning Area



Do you want contact the Didactic Blogger, Teacher of chromharp66.com

Vanessa D’Aversa for organize seminars, demonstrations and/or concerts? click Contact  

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