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Introduction to the Method for Chromatic Harp 6/6  

This book derives from the didactic articles published on chromharp66.com by the author’s activities as chromatic harpist 6/6 both as a teacher during the Master “First contact – Seminar for the study of the 6/6 chromatic harp”. Each model, section, topic is designed to be suitable:

• the different teaching practices followed by each individual teacher;

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Versione Italiana


Metodo per Arpa Cromatica 6/6

Introduzione al Metodo

Questo libro nasce dagli articoli pubblicati su Chromharp66.com e dalle attività dell’autrice sia come arpista cromatica 6/6 che come insegnante durante i Master “First Contact – Seminario Didattico per lo studio dell’arpa cromatica 6/6”.



Chapter 1 Chromatic Harp 6/6, Origins and Description
Chapter 2 Setting
Chapter 3 Intervals
Chapter 4 Scales
Chapter 5 Chords
Chapter 6 Arpeggios
Chapter 7 Particular sounds and effects
Chapter 8 Natural Glissando & UnGlissando
Chapter 9 Trilli
Chapter 10 Appendices and Conclusion



Capitolo 1 Arpa Cromatica 6/6, le Origini e Descrizione

Capitolo 2 Impostazione

Capitolo 3 Intervalli

Capitolo 4 Scale

Capitolo 5 Accordi

Capitolo 6 Arpeggi

Capitolo 7 Suoni particolari ed Effetti

Capitolo 8 Natural Glissando & UnGlissando

Capitolo 9 Trilli

Capitolo 10 Appendici e Conclusione

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