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New way to harping … Creative & Flexible Daily Technique For Diatonic, Lever and Pedal Harp,  is a book born to develop a flexibility in composing technical exercises with creativity from the first preparatory moments up to the technical development concert, which could accompany the student without a particular link with the traditional notation, which creates enormous difficulties at the beginning of the studies, but using graphs and tables that individually develop a single technique but also have the possibility to combine them with the help of the teacher and then independently to create personalized exercises adapted to different contexts, which can help to develop a fast memorisation also of the musical theory through the technique on the instrument (eg notation, dynamics, rhythm).
In the final pages of each technical topic and at the end of the book will be examples of exercises or dynamic and creative lessons for preparatory activities that teachers can offer during lessons, and advice for professional harpists who want to use flexible patterns to diversify their activities heating before the study or a concert (classical, jazz, contemporary etc …).



Chapter I: Setting, posture and fingers

Posture checklist with the harp

Propedeutic Activities:  Diatonic Harp String

Appendix A:

Chapter 2: Rebeaten

Keep the time

Stroke patterns 

Preparatory Activities The “Bouncy” Notes

Guide for the teacher. Propedeutic exercises without notation:

Study of the coordination of the fingers on the scales

Guide for the teacher Preparatory activities and dynamic lessons with the scales 

Chapter 4: Hand-Wrist Coordination

Coordination of the fingers 

Rhythmic coordination of the chords


Chapter 5: Particular sounds 


Appendix C:  Rhythmic study of the Chords 

Appendix D:  Flex

Appendix E: The nuances of dynamics 

Appendix F: Create your own exercise 

Tips for Students and Teachers:

Improvisation: educational-didactic criteria

Some methodological indications


The teacher’s figure


Didactic Books 


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